Profound Parenting by Julie Reid

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No one knows your child better than you do, but even the best parents and children encounter challenges that can be very public, disruptive, and embarrassing. Did you know experts agree that tantrums are caused by 4 key problems, power struggles are related to only a few fundamental developmental issues, and that children have a unique optimal process of learning?  

For over 14 years, Julie Reid has helped even the best parents, like yourselves, understand the solutions and root causes of the fundamental challenges all parents face thereby helping to prevent disruptive and embarrassing behavior and allowing their children to reach their full learning potential.    

Julie’s approach gives a balanced emphasis to a child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being forming the heart and soul of what Julie now calls Profound Parenting.  Julie works with LA Unified School District through LA’s best implementing the Profound Parenting programs.

What challenges are you facing with your child?  Call (818) 442-7737 or email us at to get help or scroll down to learn more about which program will help you most.

Address Tears and Tantrums

Welcome Time, deepens your connection and strengthens communication between you and your child while supporting your child’s emotional intelligence. Using this technique properly fosters high emotional intelligence and teaches the appropriate ways in which to express feelings. There are times when it is not ok to express strong feelings such as on the football field or in a board room. The number one benefit to practicing this technique is that it creates emotional safety which leads to open communication. Ask any parent of a teenager and they will agree that this is a critical element in the parent-child relationship. Learn more about how to use this technique to support intelligence and communication with for your child.

Techniques for Every Age

The first years of my son’s life were exciting and I was so proud that he was “ahead” of schedule developmentally.  Looking back with what I know now, I realize that his advances were red flags to later setbacks and that I didn’t have a perspective of his holistic development. Sitting, crawling, walking are wonderful but these physical milestones were directly connected to the other areas of his development.  Whether you have a teenager, toddler or an infant, understanding how your child has developed and where they are NOW developmentally gives you the target zone to best guide them.

End Power Struggles

There are a multitude of combinations of the following Profound Parenting techniques that will end power struggles with your child.  The techniques that each tackle power struggles from different angles include: Setting Limits, Choice Time & Welcome Time.

New Parents

Welcome to Parenthood!  You have entered a magical and joyful journey in which you will discover an unfolding of purpose, challenge and accomplishment.  Like you, your baby is an individual, and these next few months will require patience as you and your baby learn about each other and adapt to each other.  Profound Parenting is here to help you every step of the way.  We offer tools and techniques for children at every age and a guide to creating your ideal parenting strategy.  For new parents, we also created a section where we will be providing resources and content to answer your questions and general support for any challenges that may come up.

Developing Focus

ADD and ADHD are a growing epidemic.  Children don’t have the capacity to focus and are often seeking someone to help them focus on something they are learning.  How many times have you heard, “Watch me mommy, watch me, watch me again!”?  Adults often struggle to focus their own attention for more than 20 minutes.   By giving your child Choice Time you will help them to develop their ability to focus.

Nurture Your Child’s Intelligence

Nurture your child’s intelligence from day one. Building strong understanding is just like building muscles – it takes repeated exercises that children experience in their everyday lives. Children who are encouraged to be independent critical thinkers will be able to solve their own problems. Profound Parenting techniques help your children to gain valuable skills that will benefit them later in life and in the workplace.